Happy Sunday, my lovely readers! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend~ I'll be spending the day in front of my planner to try and get organized for the next two weeks ahead! Things are about to get super crazy with studying for finals and finishing the semester strongly, so right now its kind of like the calm before the storm.

I did however get to spend a little time to myself (without the books) 
in hopes of enjoying my last weekend of freedom before Christmas break::

We did a little thrifting Saturday morning... Don't cha wish Sara would have gotten that coat? ;)
Decorations are finally up in downtown F'burg! There was a parade yesterday, so Santa has officially been spotted. :)
I got to see my brother Jack yesterday! His school took a little field trip to come watch the UMW Men's Basketball Team play, so we got to sit for a few hours together. I ended the night with the girls- we went to dinner at this cute little restaurant, and then to the movies! (Silver Lining was great by the way).  xo