coffee talk.

a time to spill the beans, to ramble, to vent, to update. grab a cup of jo and take a seat.

+well i guess i'm just going to jump fully into this post with a first obvious topic of discussion: celebrity crushes. i just need to get this off my chest and let all of my fellow bloggers and blog readers know, okay? okay. Joseph Gordon Levitt. i'll have to admit this has been a long time coming... i remember the 500 Days of Summer days where i would think "oh how cute..." and then all of the sudden he went all inception and looper on me and bam. obsession. i mean just look at this perfection.

 +i don't deserve the permission to write posts on packing. why, you ask? because i forgot literally everything at my house when i came to school. over the past week, i've found myself reaching for a hairdryer, spoon, a pair of shoes, a SWEATER, only to realize that i apparently decided that all of these things were unimportant. guess who's going home this weekend? 

+do or don't of the week/monthish?: snapchat. for those of you who don't know what it is, then i'll explain! its an app on the iphone, and baasically you take selfies and then send them to your friends. the photos are automatically deleted after the receiver has seen them. i'm thinking its a do. now I've never been one to actually enjoy communicating via technology, but i feel like this channel is slightly different. not only do you get to send slightly hilarious and unattractive pictures to all of your closest friends & family (hi i snapchat my dad) but everyone around you is entertained by all of your awkward poses. from experience, the best places to snapchat are: in the library, action shot on the treadmill, and in class from under the desk. (note: be aware if your phone is on loud. camera click sound can be awkward. again, experience.)

+i have a serious love/hate with headbands. i actually devoted an entire post about this topic at the beginning of my blogging career, but the little suckers call for a vent sesh round two. i currently own three of them, and like to wear one on bad hair days or when my outfit is seriously lacking in accessories. but about halfway through the day, that little spot behind my ear KILLS. but taking it off would result in a lovely hair dent. and for the record, has anyone ever tried to wear glasses and a headband at the same time? ugh, TOO MUCH.

+there's a new little treat at one of the places to eat on campus known as the vegan walnut snowball cookie. and guys, its delicious. its name perfectly fitting since its actually in the shape of a little half-sphere and completely covered in powered sugar. but attention mary wash folk! sara and i have both decided that this would be an awful DF choice. ya know, date food. i can picture it now: taking a rather large bite of this cookie, and then carrying on a conversation without having the slightest clue that you're sporting a white, powdered sugar lipstick look. yummy.

happy monday darlings! 
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