january in photos-

Untitled #83
+so i've obviously had a thing for polka-dots. and any chunky sweater or scarf. 
+got that beanie for like $4.75. 
+i can only last a couple hours in flats before i have to rush home and put on thick socks and boots.
(ahem, you try walking around campus in flats. just try it for me. pain=beauty?)

Untitled #83
+breakfast at my grandmothers. all the necessities. 
+the yummiest salad during a solo lunch. 
+lunch with my momma:: mozzarella, pear & honey on ciabatta bread, and hot tea. calm.
+sometimes the best nights consist of chinese take-out on the floor with your roommate.
+puffins on the floor. puffins. on. the floor. 

Untitled #83
+watching the clock switch over.
+a sweet care package from a friend out west.
+a new teacup for my earrings.
+there are not many things better than morning light.
+switching to black coffee.
+the first snow in fredericksburg. (!)
+i might be five.