coffee table reads

I feel like here recently I've had an appointment for something almost every day. There's always some question that needs to be asked of that professor in that building, or I just have to get that signature from that guy over there. And regardless of what or with who, I always end up waiting, even if its just for a couple of minutes. Although I don't particularly enjoy waiting around (...I don't know who does), I do love looking at what interests other people.

I went on the Anthropologie website earlier and found their fantastic collection of coffee table reads. If I had room for a coffee table (or had any shelf space at all, for that matter), I would choose some of the ones below. My interests in a nutshell, ladies & gentlemen: art, fashion, travel, & puppies.
Untitled #90

Rauschenburg: Art and Life :: Mary Lynn Kotz
Old Dogs Are the Best Dogs :: Gene Weingarten

p.s. I'd probably add a favorite candleflower on my coffee table, too.