i'm going to new york!

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Eeeee! Its about time I shared this little piece of news on the blog. My spring break starts tomorrow (!) so after my last class, I'm jumping on a train and heading to the big apple! I did have a little post planned for today to discuss my week of struggles, but I'm not too sure that you guys want to hear all about that sticky honey residue on my desk from a snack three days ago, or about how at least 2.5 of my outfits this week definitely had soccer mom written all over them. And did you guys know that the new Vine app has sound? Yeah, I didn't. But no, instead I want to share my excitement!!

I've been feeling kind of gooberish today. You guys- I'm so excited. I'll be there with my very best friend, my parents, and I'll get to watch my oldest brother sing at carnegie hall with his choir saturday night. :) The past two weeks have been killer, so I'm thrilled to have a little break from schoolwork. And honestly, I don't know which I'm more excited for: being in new york, or the train ride up there. I get a whole five hours and thirty minutes to sit by myself and do nothing. Yes.

I also got snail mail today. We're talking two letters. It really is one of my favorite things in the entire world: receiving a letter in the mail and knowing that someone far away was thinking about you, and then being able to return the favor. I love it. One of the letters was from my mother, and she wrote a quote that I wanted to share:

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How have the last couple days been for you guys? I feel like I need to be caught up on everyone's life! Happy weekend. xo