lipstick & sweats.

Hello there! How was everyone's day of love? After my evening class, I went to the gym and then a few of us walked over to a friends house for a serious girls night. It was one of those occasions where we wore sweats and lipstick just because we could. We had all the necessities- food, friends & Valentine's Day. :) As the evening was winding down, I realized that the only guy I talked to last night was the pizza delivery man around 10:30pm, but I've decided to overlook that minor detail because the pizza was delicious.

Yesterday's festivities also resulted in two temporary tattoos on my left wrist, and three valentines. Yep, two tattoos. Jealous? Today I'm currently sporting chipped pink nail polish, a cute "love" tattoo with a little border around it tinted from my dark wash jeans, and a disney princess tattoo. Its quite a look I've got going on here. 

I'm about to head off to my last class of the day, and I have to say that it feels wonderful to know that the weekend is finally here. Even though we experience the "its Friday!" feeling 52 times every year, it truly never gets old. Any fun plans this weekend? I'm looking forward to a dinner with my favorite ladies this evening, and sleeping iiiinn tomorrow morning. We're talkin' no alarms. I also have some serious laundry and studying to do... always a fun time. 

Happy Friday. xo