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Well here we are again-- Monday morning! Instead of thinking of dreadful, beginning of the week thoughts, let's all work on associating this time with the happier things: the smell of coffee, reading blogs in your jammies before getting ready, putting on your favorite watch to match your new outfit combo, and that yummy bagel on your commute to work or class. Take a couple minutes to indulge yourselves in a few lovely links::
Untitled #89

1) a few february desktop wallpapers for you to choose between-- one, two, three

2) tighten your stomach! core strengthening exercises that I love/hate.

3) how often do you clean your make-up brushes?

4) flourless chocolate cake. oh yum.

5) how to style your bar cart.

6) the cutest puppy butt.

7) what could be better than a chocolate seal monogram?

8) in case you haven't seen this already:: such as.

9) how to pack eight days in a carry-on

10) a classic autumn/winter look.

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