mid-week thankfulness

This week is ticking by at a perpetual rate. I have a to-do list a mile long, but have been unable to much of anything because of an extremely fun case of migraines. Its one of the hardest things ever to lay in my bed and "sleep" in the middle of the day when you have a million other things you know you should be doing. Laziness is one thing, but being forced to be lazy is another thing entirely. I'm falling behind in my studies, and my inner nerd is screaming a little. But in the midst of yesterday's struggles, I was overcome with pain killers a peace that allowed me to recognize life's little blessings. I do have a lot of be thankful for.


+Hot tea, for its truly magical healing powers, and for the warm, toasty feeling it creates deep in my body.

+Snail mail, so I have the ability to write and receive sweet letters from my best friend five hours (a.k.a. an eternity) away.

+The lovely pink and white striped tee that resides in my wardrobe to be brought out when those cloudy days should be a little less cloudy.

+Understanding professors, who have a true human heart and realize when taking an exam at its scheduled time might be out of the question.

+Text messages, so I can talk to my mother all day, every day.

+The rare, cozy seats in the library, for making studying that much easier.

+A sweet roommate, for never getting annoyed when I can't handle an ounce of light in the room.

+Migraine medicine, because, you know.