OOF's new advertising options!

Hello all- I've been tweaking a few things around the blog here lately and decided it was finally time to upgrade my advertising options! I've thought long and hard about how I wanted to go about this... I was originally just swapping ads, but I felt like my sponsors' buttons were simply filed into the left sidebar to collect dust indefinitely. But that's officially changing after today!

Although you can head on over here to find out how your blog/business can reach a larger audience, I've explained my reasons for the two options below: 

one. swapping adds. this one is free for all GFC followers. your 200x100 button will run for thirty days on the left side bar and will rotate on refresh for maximum exposure. all swappers will be included in twitter shout-outs & a monthly round-up to be introduced to my readers. this way my sponsors' ads aren't "collecting dust" like before. all you have to do is email me for the promo code to waive the 4 dollar fee. although i could essentially just give you the code right now, i'd much rather get the chance to meet you over email. :)

two. the big mama of ads at OOF. as my readership has started to grow, i've decided to create an $8.00 ad spot with bigger benefits. there will only be one of these babies each month, and it will sit at the top of all ads on the left sidebar for 30 days. the large 200x250 ad includes an individual introduction post and twitter shout-outs throughout the month, as well the opportunity to guest post and host a giveaway.

I'm hoping that through these new changes, my sponsors will not only be introduced to each other, but to my readers as well. Because honestly, they're pretty cool. Have a wonderful beginning of the week- xo