rain isn't a bad thing.

if you could go anywhere, right now, where would you go? this type of question was not out of the ordinary. like most of their time together, she often forgot where she was, and spoke without a filter. she didn't just ask anyone her questions, and he took pride in the fact that he had become one of the few.
hmm? where would you go?
let's see... he said, knowing that she would make him answer. he looked over. her white knuckles contrasted with the metal links of the swing, her brow wrinkled. she was concentrating on her artwork in the mulch.
right now? the lake. it was his favorite place to go as a child, and his family went there for vacation every summer.
why? she was looking at him now, directly. her head was tilted slightly, her cheeks flushed. he loved that.
because i have wonderful memories there. even if it rains, its where i'm my happiest.
rain isn't a bad thing, you know.
i know. she had looked down again, this time swinging gently. sometimes he felt like his answers weren't the right ones, but she never seemed to stopped asking the questions.
out of all the places... that's where you would go?
yeah, where would you go?
anywhere i haven't been before. he liked her answer better, but of course he would never admit to it.
like nebraska, she went on, no one ever talks about nebraska. i bet there's something worth seeing there. she was looking at him again.
wait, you mean to tell me that out of all the places... you choose nebraska. he challenged her as she did him, and straightened his posture slightly, as if to prove to a passerby that she didn't affect him.
why not? she stood up. he could tell that she was coming back to reality, to a place with sunsets and curfews. 
he stood up too. alright. why not. they walked side by side now, him looking over occasionally, her deep in thought, brow wrinkled. he loved that.

just wanted to try something a little different today.
hope everyone had a wonderful week-- i'm headed home for the weekend, woo! 

(photo taken at the beach last summer)