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-taken in a little restaurant in Paris two summers ago-

things that say a lot about a person
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I'm not in airports very often, so I'm using my last experience as a reference. I went to France and Germany with my parents two summers ago, and we flew out of Washington D.C. I kind of love airports. Its so cool to see such a variety of different people. I currently live in a small town and on a small campus, so I'm used to seeing the same people around all the time. Airports are different. For a quick few moments between connecting flights, you're able to peep up over your magazine to watch hundreds of different people gathered around for the same thing: to fly home and see their loved ones, to speak at a conference they've been preparing for for weeks, or to go on a much-needed tropical vacation. They've all got a story, and I love trying to figure it out.  

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When I get a spare moment, what I do normally depends on my mood. That could mean watching a marathon of my current tv series and cuddling in my bed, or it could mean picking out a favorite outfit and getting lost somewhere. I love discovering little hole-in-the-wall cafes & restaurants, perusing used bookstores & shops, and taking photos of my latest inspiration. Extra long lunches with friends, blogging and eating frozen thin mints also make the list. :)

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If you were to ask my friends how I tell a story, they might give a little sigh and simply say that you need time for Lauren's story time. I tend to ramble. Some stories need a background story, which might remind me of that one thing I meant to tell you about last week. Some stories remind me of other stories, which then I obviously have to stop and tell you about before I forget, or we might have a serious case of scenario one. I do my best to make story time humorous, but I guess that's up for you to decide. I at least make myself giggle. Not sure what that could mean. 

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Although I'd like to think I'm organized, I know that my wallet is not one of my stronger areas of expertise. Think of it more as a "pouch," because that's essentially what it is. Right now I'm currently using something similar to this from gap, except its more of a smaller wristlet. At school, it just doesn't make sense to carry a full on purse and backpack. I have too many books for just a purse, so I carry a backpack & wristlet-pouch thing. It holds my room key, ID, money & phone, and then normally receipts, lipstick, headphones, and whatever else I deem necessary before my 4 1/2 minute walk to class. *shrugs shoulders*

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I feel like this definitely depends on how early or late you arrive to class, but if I had a choice, I would sit on the left side, about 2 or 3 seats back. Why left? I'm not actually sure-- its just always been my preference. I think I read somewhere or talked to someone who spurted out a statistic of professors looking to their left more than their right when they give lectures? I guess it helps me pay attention more if I know that the professor is looking in my direction. But that whole idea could be completely made up, in which case I shall say that making fun isn't nice. ;)

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Happy Friday everyone!! Ooh, and happy February too. :)