5 things i'm loving

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one. devil's advocate by essie. (the one above is not the actual color, so make sure and check out the link!) this has definitely been my go-to color over the past few months... its wonderfully dark, but still purplely and awesome. totally recommend.

two. thin gold knuckle rings. you can stack them or wear individually, and its safe to say that i'm obsessed. i just recently bought one in new york and i wear it all the time! so subtle and lovely. 

three. black coffee. here recently, i've just really enjoyed the coffee flavor (as opposed to a year ago when i took more sugar & cream than coffee.) and black coffee is actually healthy for you-- in moderation obviously. and i know i read somewhere that having a cup of black coffee after your workout in the mornings helps your metabolism! via

four. flowerbomb by viktor & rolf. when i was home this weekend, i stole a little bit of this perfume from my mom's bathroom and now i can't stop thinking about it. its like the scent got progressively more and more wonderful throughout the day. i've been using coach poppy for a almost two years now, but i feel like i can't smell it anymore because i've been using it for so long. anyone else have this problem? 

five. Friedrich Nietzsche's Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense. i read this article for school a few weeks back, and it honestly rocked my world. it has changed my whole outlook on life. if you have a little time to spare, i strongly suggest you print it out, grab a highlighter & read it.