new york day one

-our view from the hotel-
I don't really consider the travel time to be part of day one. I spent the majority of the day sitting on a train, and rode into the city that evening at about 8:15 pm. The train was enjoyable just as I expected, and had the seat to myself for 4 out of 5 hours. For the first hour however, there are only two things worth mentioning: 1) there was the sweetest dad that sang softly to his little girl as he carried her up and down the isle until she fell asleep. 2) there was a ginormous bald man named Clarence that sat next to me and talked to his phone company for 47 minutes. 

Once I got into the city, I took a cab to the hotel & admired the view. I'd never been on the 34th floor before, and New York City at nighttime was breathtaking. I met up with my family, and we chatted over drinks & fries for an hour or two in the hotel before calling it a night.

Call me crazy, but I love hotel food. I do. That first morning we woke up around 9:00, and munched on oatmeal and berries in the room while we got ready. We were all a little tired from traveling, so we decided to just explore the city for the morning.

The sky was a wonderful bright blue- something that's hard to come by during these cold winter months. (It was freezing!) Our hotel was right on times square, so we strolled (if that's possible in nyc) through the area and it's surrounding streets. We window shopped and people watched mostly, and that was fine by me. 

Have you ever seen those videos where the artist makes a beautiful painting in like 2.5 seconds with a couple lids and some spray paint? You all- I saw it happen. On the street. It was the best thing ever. The guy literally finished that canvas in 3 minutes flat. So cool.

We also wanted to see Suzi and her mother so we met them in the NBC gift shop. I'm fairly positive that we created quite a scene in the middle of the store with all of the hugging and jumping that was going down. I hadn't seen Suzi since Christmas, and there we were, just casually bumping into each other in New York City like "oh heyy!"

Have you ever tried to walk into a cupcake shop, hungry, after giving up sweets? Yeah, I have. It was so terrible and so beautiful at the same time. I didn't get to enjoy a cupcake, but I did get to watch my mom and grandmother get all giddy over choosing their perfect flavor. It was  almost just as fun.

After we went to the bakery, my mom, grandmother and I met up with my aunt who lives in New York! We four of us huddled in her itty bitty apartment for a few minutes of warmth, and then walked to a little restaurant for brunch! It was so fun to sit around the table just us girls, and talk about all the little things the boys don't care about. I had the most delicious french toast I think I've ever had, but unfortunately there is no documentation. It was one of those times where only after I had half of the plate shoved in my mouth that the idea of taking a photo crossed my mind. What can ya do.

We decided to walk off our calories by going shopping, duh. In the places where I could afford to look at/ touch/ breath near things, I found the cutest pair of studs. (Ha!) The english major in me about died and I had to have them. *sigh*

That night we all got dressed up and went to dinner down the street. The restaurant reminded me of one in Paris; we were seated on the second floor and were able to avoid the draft of the opening and closing front door. I always treasure dinners like these with my family. As much as I love my younger brothers, it was such a treat to be able to sit down and have a meal without talking about table manners, or dealing with who said what to who in the 5th grade classroom. I'm also gone a lot with being at school, so it was super fun to catch up with everyone and be a part of conversations that I normally miss.

After dinner, we ran speed-walked (I was in heels) to go see Nice Work If You Can Get It starring Matthew Broderick on broadway! I think its a newer show, but of course it was still fantastic. I've only seen two other broadway shows in years past, and each time I'm completely blown away. It was hilarious, and the cast is so talented. Definitely a must see if you happen to be in the big apple.

We of course wanted to meet the cast. Before we even arrived in New York, we were determined to meet someone famous (haha), so our persistent selves waited outside in the cold for a good little bit after the show. It was so worth it though, because we got to meet Blythe Danner and Matthew Broderick! Eeee, I still get excited thinking about it. Blythe (yes, first name basis now) was completely fabulous and super sweet. Matthew was so small and actually really attractive up close. And I promise he was really fun and happy even though the picture doesn't exactly show for it!

All in all, it was a super fantastic first day. Stayed tuned for day two. :)