new york day two

I figured it was about time I documented my second day in New York- it was just too lovely a day to skip over. :) If you missed day one, click here

For starters, the fambam met up for brunch at Cafe Cluny. Although we didn't spot anyone famous (my aunt has seen the Olsen twins and Cameron Diaz there!) we did spend a decent amount of time immersed in good food and good company. Suzi tagged along, which was such a treat. And I had the most delicious fruit+yogurt+granola combo. Also a treat.

Next came walking off the calories, ahem, shopping. We knew things were off to a good start when the ladies in the first store we walked into offered us free jewelry. I gave them my email and posted this instagram pic and boom- three necklaces. Just like that! It was marvelous I tell you. 

And have any of you all been to Chelsea Market? It may or may not be one of my new favorite places in the entire world.

I don't think I've ever seen so much variety of little trinkets in one place. That kind of atmosphere can't be found in little old Fredericksburg, that's for sure. I loved it. We spent most of the afternoon in there, weaving in and out of stores, people watching & buying little this's and that's. p.s. I took a vine of that wonderfully dressed guy playing the drums. He was just the coolest. 

For our last evening in New York, Suzi, the family and I went to dinner at the Yale Club, and then to Carnegie Hall to see my brother and his choir perform. His performance is what sparked the idea of going to New York in the first place, and wow, I'm so happy we did. I'm not really an emotional person- like at all- but his songs moved me to tears! It was beautiful. Oh yeah, and that little pouch was my 'purse' for the night. Yeah. I know. 

It was fun New York! Until next time-