signs you're a writer

Happy Monday!! found this article the other day called 25 Signs You're A Writer. the english major/blogger in me wanted to share-- the points below aren't all of the ones listed, just the top few that pertained to me.

I've never actually thought about myself as a full blown "writer," but I guess we all are in some way. And I was honestly surprised at how many points on the list I could relate to.

1. You take pen and paper with you everywhere, sometimes even to bed with you, just in case you have an idea at three in the morning that absolutely must be remembered. That idea never usually ends up good, but it sounded very good at the time.
This happens all the time. I've actually written in my sleep before. Remember this?

2. You really, really want to buy a typewriter, even though you never expect to actually use it. You just want a typewriter because you're one of the ten people in the world who still finds them romantic and sexy.
I've wanted one forever. I even just watched an episode of Downton Abbey where one of the characters buys a typewriter, and I was just like giiimmmee. Like how wonderful is this?

4. You buy a lot of books you never, ever end up reading -- just out of the thought that you might find the time to read it someday.
Its bad. There are so many books on my shelf that will get read one day. Promise. Right now though, its just hard to allow myself to do any reading that's not for school.

5. You will use almost anything as a bookmark or a writing pad -- like receipts, money, blank slips, old envelopes, newspapers, unopened mail or death threats from your bank. You can't throw out anything in your apartment without checking to see if it has writing on it first. That bag of popcorn could be important.
For one, I have like a million important notebooks. I can never seem to use just one at a time. And within all of those notebooks, there are several different textures, mediums and papers just thrown or taped in. Because when you have a certain phrase in your head and those notebooks that you use aren't around, what do you do? Not write it down and hope it comes back to you? Um. No.

14. You're a little too obsessed with post-it notes and stationary and have a favorite pen. An alarming amount of your budget goes out every month to writing supplies, books and coffee-- but mostly coffee. 
Well-- yes to everything. I have about 9 different colors of post-it notes sitting in my desk at school, a shelf full of stationary in my room at home, and I never go anywhere without my favorite pen. Coffee is obviously a given.

16. Your dream job is to one day have a career that affords you to be in your pajamas all day or do all of your work from bed-- like Marcel Proust or Heidi Fleiss.
Ahem, what blogger doesn't dream of this?

19. Whenever someone breaks up with you or one of your friends does something really cartoonishly terrible, your immediate consolation is that this is going to make for a great essay.
All I have to say is that the bad stuff makes for some great inspiration.

22. You have a bad habit of solving your problems or conflicts by writing the person a letter, rather than just confronting them about it.
I so do this-- although I think that writing a letter can be a form of confrontation. I just like being able to write my thoughts out and see them on the page. And then being able to hold someone else's words. There's no confusion, and it cuts back on a lot of rambling and mind games.

24. You have certain punctuation marks you can't stop obsessively using and others you want obliterated from the face of the earth.
The ampersand will forever and ever be the most beautiful punctuation sign to ever exist. However, if the semicolon were to, I don't know, die, I wouldn't complain.

so let's discuss:: how many are true for you?

p.s. did you miss my first video post? :)