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If we're facebook friends or if you follow me on twitter then you probably already knew this, but I wanted to share with all of my lovely blog friends, too. :)

Indeed-- UK readers, I'm soon to be headed your way!! Bath, England will become home to little ole me for the upcoming Fall semester. I knew going into college that studying abroad was something I wanted to do, so I began the long and tedious application process back in January. Side note:: do you know how many forms you have to fill out when applying to study abroad? At least a bagilliondy. Just thought I'd share.

I chose a program that compliments my major really well, so literally all of my time for months on end will consist of reading, writing, traveling and blogging about it all. Its a dream. At the beginning of this week I received the wonderful news that I was accepted, and have hardly been able to think about anything else since. (Like apparently I have these things called "tests" and "papers" coming up...?)

Oh, and do you guys remember the post where I talked about my summer job? So for anyone who is invested in my plans for the rest of the year, let me just break it down for ya real quick. This semester will end in a little over a month (!), I'll spend my summer as a bible study leader in North Carolina, I'll return home for about three weeks and then I'll leave for England. Whew. I am so excited, halfway panicked nervous and incredibly thrilled for the next 9 months. I have a feeling they're going to be pretty swell. :)

Happy Friday!!