the best of february

Ooof. I know I'm a little late, (ahem, five days) but here's best of february through photos:

Untitled #83
+lace peplum top & a little love for valentine's day
+polka dots & more polka dots
+pearls & a pink bow
+comfy clothes forever and ever

Untitled #83
+breakfast at home & a galentine's night
+refresh tea & a yummy snack
+lunch with the fam & froyo with the roomie
+dark chocolate m&ms & gourmet meal a la dixie

:: also, i think its slightly hilarious that i devote an entire category to food alone
its just my favorite guys, no judging. ::

Untitled #83
+seeing the sunrise during an early morning workout & a sweet valentine
+red lips & a movie night with momma
+snail mail from bestie & a dearly missed view
+a fantastic chair & sitting in the lib and finding out that umw has a lot of swag majors

Happy Tuesday! How was your weekend? I have to say that it feels so good to be home for spring break, although its not exactly a spring break with the foot of snow we're expecting tomorrow. Goodness! xo.

p.s. photos from New York coming soon-