where i wander

+first of all, sorry for the mini blogging hiatus- it was unplanned, but i think very much needed. you ever have those days (ahem, weeks) where you've just been running and running and running and then it all of the sudden it catches up to you? well that's been me as of late... last week was completely insane schoolwork-wise, and by friday afternoon i was done for. hmmph.

+when it comes to the healing process, everyone remembers the 'moving on' and 'getting happy' part. maybe you throw in a girls night and a roll of oreos, but that's essentially what's done. here recently though, i've remembered the hard way that i have been skipping over one of the most vital steps: to allow yourself to be sad. sometimes, its okay to not be okay.

+on sunday i took a day trip home on to see my brother's choir concert. it was such an impressive show. there was a les mis choreographed section, individual acts & formal music that they sang at carnegie hall two weeks ago. this act got a gig! (psst, my brother is playing the piano.)

+let's all take a moment of silence for the retirement of google reader. *insert exaggerated frustrated sigh here.* yeah i'm not gonna lie, its annoying. but have no fear! to continue reading my posts, subscribe through bloglovin' by clicking this link or the button on the right sidebar. and as always, you can subscribe through email as well!

+sara and i just watched this movie the other day, and now i can't stop listening to this song. seriously though- i love it.

+there's snow on the ground and its march. uumm...?

so yeah, this is kinda what's up with me. how are you?