a couple things

^photos taken a couple springs ago. they have nothing to do with today's post- only to make it prettier.^

a couple things: 
//forgot to tell you guys- plane ticket for studying abroad has been purchased! its literally all i can think about. 
//which is bad, because i can't afford to think about anything else except my fifteen assignments that stand before me and summer.
//well i guess i can think about them in a little bit... i have to make a little time for dealing with the food poisoning i got last night. perfect timing, right? my diet today has consisted of green tea and seven cheerios. sad. 
//i was perfectly content with 80 degree spring days. it was 34 degrees yesterday morning, and i'm so wishing i didn't leave my sweatpants at home. 
//papers & vocab quizzes for a 1 credit pass/fail ballet class are stupid.
//turning off your phone and checking out for a few hours/days is one of the best things ever. i have a love hate relationship with my iPhone. its so convenient, and so... convenient.
//you really should enter in this giveaway. your chances of winning are high, and its completely awesome.
//have a wonderful day, everyone!