In Case You Were Curious...

*studying under the bluest of skies.

+there's a high of 91 degrees in the fred today. in no way am i complaining (hello, no more puffer coat) but 91 degrees? In April? Two weeks ago it was snowing. Exhibit A.

+i went on two runs yesterday. not sure what that's about. i think it was a beautiful weather + procrastination + feeling extra energetic combo.

+i went to bed at 9:30 on monday night. and then woke up at 6:30. on my own. so that's something. does this mean i'm growing up?

+its discovery day at UMW today, which means there will be hundreds of potential students and their families swarming the campus. pro: the food will be extra delicious. i'm pumped. #thelittlethings #lifeofafatty #hashtag

+i have a new obsession with lara bars. they have like two ingredients and are super healthy for you! apparently you can make your own? totally trying these this weekend.

+because oh yeah, i think i'm going home! since spring lasted approximately 3.5 days, i have zero clothes for hot summer weather. its been blast i tell you.