Taking Advantage of the Rain

So yesterday was the most wonderful day. It was Friday for starters, which already made things ten times better. I finished class at 1:00, grabbed lunch with some friends, and then went back to my room to begin the lazy afternoon I had been planning. I did nothing but watch a crappy netflix movies & nap. It was marvelous, I tell you.

We were expecting a huge thunderstorm, so I was completely content with hiding under my covers for that evening while Sara went to get dinner with her momma. Literally 6 1/2 minutes after she left the wind and rain appeared out of nowhere, and I was soon sitting in the dark by myself. I didn't mind completely-- there's something eerily soothing about peaking through the blinds and watching the swaying trees.

Thankfully the power came back on about an hour, but the rain never stopped. A bunch of us ordered pizza around 11:00pm, and by roughly 11:07, we were sitting around a table full of cookie crumbs and an empty pizza box. People always joke about how much guys can eat, but I honestly feel like girls can eat just as much when they want to. Or at least my friends. Haha no shame.

We were soon running around outside again, and the rain had slowed down a little. We decided to play.

The video above captured us running under the biggest tunnel of water next to the Nest, one of the food places on campus. We like to call it Nestagra Falls. p.s. the water was SO cold, which hopefully explains the squealing? 
So there's this fountain on campus, and you're not officially a student at UMW until you take a swim. We of course did it orientation week, but the semester ends in two weeks and I won't be back until January, so we needed our fix!
Also, here's a more of our shenanigans in a vine:

It was truly wonderful. I mean, how often do we let ourselves play in the rain and get completely soaking wet? Not enough. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. :)


"The best thing one can do when its raining is to let it rain." 
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow