The Best of March

For some reason, I don't have as many photos for the month of March as I do for previous monthly posts. I think it has something to do with the fact that March flew. I feel like I'm beginning to say that at the end of every month now, but its so true! I'm freakin' out guys. I feel like I'm living from week to week, always looking forward to my weekend plans or the day after a big exam. Yesterday feels like New Years Eve, and tomorrow feels like the first day of summer. Sometimes I really do wish I could push pause.

At the beginning of the month, I had just gotten home from New York and was greeted with about two feet of snow. Happy spring break? It wasn't terrible, but we did lose power for a good little bit. I rather enjoy using candles and being all cuddly so I didn't really mind. However, the whole being cooped up in the house with restless brothers thing wasn't exactly how I really pictured my relaxing spring break to turn out. Regardless, its was so wonderful to be home for a week. 

As for the rest of March, I spent a most of my time reading and studying and reading some more. My free time was spent outside when the sunshine finally decided to grace us with its presence, painting my nails a wonderful dark purple, trying out new foods with my goober of a roommate, witnessing the most beautiful skies that pictures don't do justice, looking at the fullest moon I think I've ever seen and eating banana oat cookies for dinner on multiple occasions. I'd say it was a pretty swell month. :)

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Here's to April! Happy Monday. :)