I haven't had much to say as of late, and felt that it would be wrong to post something just to say I posted something. But that's okay I think; sometimes silence really is better. I can get so caught up in technology that I sometimes forget to have a life past it-- past the papers, the emails, the social media. I went home this weekend, and I have to say that it came at the most opportune time. The heat of finals has yet to kick in, so I was able to take advantage of a few much needed days of family and sunshine.

Things I pondered over the weekend::
//driving with the windows down is truly the best therapy. there's almost nothing better than having windblown hair & feeling the sun warm your forearms.
//i have to stop taking things so seriously. we're all stumbling through this "life" thing together. sometimes i'm going to mess up. that's okay.
//running can actually be wonderful if you allow yourself to enjoy it.
//sometimes you just need to forget all health tips and eat the ice cream.