As of Late

Well hey there. I didn't mean to take a five day blogging break-- promise. I knew this morning (ahem, afternoon...its summer, ha) I would have a chance to sit down and write a little. Man does it feel good. Its so easy to realize how much I actually love blogging when I don't post for a few days. 

So yeah, saying that-- I've been SO swamped you guys. A good busy, but a busy nonetheless. I've been taking extra shifts at a winery (helllooo weddings every weekend), and my weekdays are spent cleaning and preparing to leave for the summer, studying my passport curriculum and catching up with a few friends in town. 
//Have you all tried the new Evolution Fresh juices? I think they're my new thing. I used to be a big supporter of the Naked Juice, but I pretty sure I've converted. The Naked juices carry twenty something grams of sugars while that baby up there only has 8. And for being mostly veggies, its pretty yummy too. Not too shabby. (sidenote:: I do think I got a few stares drinking it though-- I may or may not have brought that into the movie theater with me. what's popcorn?)
//As I mentioned earlier, Suzi and I went to DC for the day! I was super fun and I can't wait to share photos soon. I took a disposable camera. Yup. I was determined to bring them back. Keyword was. That thing is costing me $11.00 to get developed. I mean duuuuude. C'mon.
//This photo was taken while driving before I got into the thick of the fog. Yeah yeah, shame on me for taking a picture. But you guys- have you ever driven in fog? Okay probably. What about really dense fog at 2:15am with rain? Like a fog that's so thick you can't even see the reflectors on the road? That's what I dealt with after work for two nights in a row this past weekend. Ahhh never again. 
//My youngest brother Nicholas is the literal cutest. I really just can't take it sometimes.
//Found that quote a little bit ago. Something to hold on to for the not so good days. via
//Have ya heard the soundtrack? Or seen the movie? If not, catch up. I loff it.
//Berries. All the time, berries. They make the best summery snack, don't they?

Happy Monday lovelies!