Because of the Emails I Haven't Deleted

Today marks the one month countdown of leaving for Passport. I'm obviously super excited, but there's a lot to tackle between now and then. Not only do I need to spend time learning and studying the curriculum I'll be teaching, I also want to go through pretty much every aspect of my life and declutter the crap out of it. 

Between my desk at home and my supplies from school, I have like four pencil holders. And like three tubs of writing utensils. My summer and winter clothes are mixed (which is driving me crazy), and those clothes are mixed with the clothes that I never wear, which are mixed with the clothes that have seen their better days. I've somehow managed to acquire like a double of all of my toiletries, and for someone who barely wears any make-up, I have like an entire container devoted to lip goop. I wear about 25% of the jewelry in my room,  as the other 75% happens to be stretchy bead bracelets and rings with lipgloss in them. I have piles of magazines from fourteen months ago, and school notebooks from high school. I have this theory that my computer moves so slow because of the emails that I haven't deleted. And my photos? Oh my poor photos. Hashtag disasteronmydesktop. Like. What. Happened.

So I've made a list. (Ha, surprise.) Everyday I'm planning on tackling a small little project. I'm hoping that by the time I leave a month from now, I'll not only be way more organized, but I'll also just generally have less crap. I guess I'll think of it as a late spring cleaning. How do you handle decluttering? I'd love to hear your tips!