Effortlessly Cute: 5 Minute {Weekend} Morning

Catching up with old friends is one of the best parts about being home. This past week I've not only blown threw two seasons of Homeland (fantastic, btw) but I've also had the opportunity to enjoy a long meal with two very dear friends. Don't you just love those breakfasts that turn into lunches, and those lunches that are filled with stories & inside jokes in the corner of a little restaurant? They might just be one of my favorite things ever. 

Saying all that however, doesn't mean that I'm necessarily going to wake up early to spend extra time getting ready. I mean goodness, I'm on break. Love ya, but I love sleep too. So, these two outfits are a little inspiration for those 5 minute mornings on the weekend when you want to go for an 'effortlessly cute' look.

Untitled #105

+lip color: In the summer especially, I almost never wear make-up. I just don't see the point. However if I want to avoid the "I just rolled out of bed" feeling, I'll normally add a touch of mascara and a little color to my lips. It takes all of two minutes, and it makes a world of difference.
+t-shirt dress: Again going with the "effortlessly cute" mentality, you can't go wrong with a basic t-shirt dress. Not only is it super comfortable and easy to wear, but you can add a fun necklace, scarf or belt and completely change your entire outfit.
+patterned tank & maxi skirt: I'm loving this look. Its so simple and cute for this time of year, while also looking put together. A maxi skirt is a staple for spring/summer weather in general- it dresses up an outfit & you can wear it with just about anything!
+messy bun: Didn't have time to shower? No biggie. Throw your hair into a top knot and be on your way. Boom diggity. 
+easy jewelry: I might have mentioned this before... but no matter how cute a piece of jewelry is, if it jingles and clanks I can't wear it. I don't know why, I just can't handle noisy accessories. I stick to the basics: simple studs and a watch or bracelet that adds a pop of color.

What's your summer go-to look?

p.s. Other essentials for a 5 minute morning.