Washington DC

hello everyone! i mentioned a few days ago that suzi and i took a quick trip washington dc for a change of scenery. i brought a disposable camera along, which obviously meant multiple selfies, half-blurry photos, and embarrassing myself with my wind up plastic toy in public. i have a love-hate with this camera: makes for unique pictures, but also makes for an $9.00 bill. maybe its just me, but i definitely didn't remember that minor detail. #helpmeimpoor.

i also added in a few iphone photos, but i doubt you'll be able to tell the difference. ;)

^^^standing in front of the white house! i've been to dc countless times but this was the first time i ever saw the good ole president's house. how is that even possible? also how is it possible that suzi and i have basically the same hair color in the first photo?! (read: in reality, she's straight up ginger & i have a faded brunette look going right now- its real cute.)
^^^we happened upon the coolest place: i've have no idea what its called... maybe someone more familiar with the area might know what i'm referring to, but it was basically a giant room with both wonderful light and beautiful antique furniture. everything costed an arm and a leg & we almost knocked down a mirror, but it was pretty nonetheless.
^^^i love the art, she loves the history & we both could care less about feeling touristy, so we decided to make a trip to the national portrait gallery. i just love museums. 
"I look at nature I see myself. Paintings are mirrors, so is nature." -Arthur Dove
^^^the weather was simply too beautiful to be anywhere but outside. we of course perused the museums and shops, but spent the majority of our time walking around and enjoying the sun. i tell you what- when all you've known for the last few weeks is sitting at a desk cramming for finals, sunshine becomes a pretty big deal. 
^^^we ate outside for lunch at the best little mediterranean place called Zaytinya-- if you're ever in the area, i totally recommend. i tried their option of four smaller courses and it was an absolute dream. my favorite was definitely the apricot yogurt something or other for dessert. *i only kind of love food...
^^^we spent the night with suzi's mom who was working close by and then drove home the following morning. both the weather and traffic were indeed bipolar, so the ride home consisted of a concoction of sunshine and heavy rain, and spurts of no cars on the road mixed with a little "let's-all-go-seven-miles-per-hour" traffic. no big deal though, the starbucks and gatsby soundtrack made it all better. p.s. one of my favorites from the album. 

+have you ever gotten on a metro only for others to point at you as it rolls to a complete stop after about 300 feet with the lights flickering off? oh i have, don't worry. by the time suzi and i realized what was going on, we were trapped. the man driving came and got us, walked us to the front, and made us sit in time-out (no, really) as he backed up to the platform so we could get off. after he muttered a short pep talk about how you apparently aren't supposed to get on the train with the horn blowing and the lights flickering, we nonchalantly made our way across the platform to the train opposite us. good times. 
+i bought a pair of wedges for $7.28. need i say more?
+i may or may not have eaten an entire thin crust pizza for dinner. by myself. 

a huge thank you for your sweet comments and supportive emails regarding my previous post. each day gets a little easier, and i'm so thankful to have the love, thoughts & prayers from my sweet blog friends. <3