Bigger and Better Things

what a week this has been! i had all of these lovely posts that i had planned on writing for this week, but time just slipped away. and by slipped, i really mean this. on top of preparing to leave for the summer, i've encountered the joys of applying for a visa for my semester abroad. um, have you ever had to apply for one of those things? its kind of ridiculous. between all of the emails, paperwork, phone calls and trips to here and there to get this and that, i feel like i'm now in a daze. everything is coming together though, so this stressful, frustrating, COO COO week has been very worth it.

on another note, i'm leaving for my summer job today! my plane leaves in a few hours, and i'm hoping to be all settled in by later this afternoon. i'm so excited and nervous. its one of those feelings were you can't sit still and you might get sick. but in a good way. make sense? no?

which brings me to my next point- this little blog of mine. i love it. i love blogging. i love my blog friends. but if you've ever been a camp counselor before, then you'll know that my time will be very limited for the next two months. with what free time i do have however, i will continue to post. but i might take a nap, and i dunno... maybe a shower first. so expect updates of course-- but maybe not just as frequent as you're used to.

as for advertising on One of Five, I am taking away the option for the June and July months. i won't be able to spend the time that i would like to with my sponsors, so it really wouldn't be fair. however, i will pick up advertising again in August, and you're more than welcome to reserve the next available slot! current sponsors who still have time on their ad will also return on my page in August.

for those interested, i'm planning on using my instagram fairly often so feel free to follow along here for more of the day-to-day happenings! also- don't hesitate to email me if ya wanna chat- i promise i'm a good pen pal buddy. xo.

p.s. this is my 300th post! big things happenin' up over here, guys.