Say hello to a few lovely ladies today! 

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ABOUT: I'm a college student who always loved reading blogs so I decided to start my own. I've lived the opportunity to forge friendships, to channel my creativity, and to inspire people in small ways. The blog has only been up for two short months and it's been an adventure as I've found my voice and aesthetic.

FAVORITE TV SHOW: Oh dear, choosing just one is hard! I love Modern Family. Few shows actually make me laugh out loud but Modern Family can get me laughing multiple times in one episode. 


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ABOUT: I am Melissa, the blogger behind The 25th Hour, a photography, design and lifestyle blog dedicated to finding that "extra hour" in the day to find inspiration and focus on the raw, organic moments in life. I blog to share, to collaborate, to put out a little bit of myself into the world and meet great people while doing so. On my blog you can peek into what goes on behind and in front of my camera, my graphic design endeavors, a bunch of playlists (music is my favorite to share) and my raw, beautiful moments in life.

FAVORITE TV SHOW: If I had to choose one, I would say my favorite tv show is One Tree Hill. I know, how teenager and cliché of me. I say OTH because I grew up right alongside this show and I can't help but be wrapped up in their drama. Also it reminds me of my best friends and I staying up in the wee hours watching, crying and swooning. Ps- I still think Jake should have ended up with Peyton...just saying. Ok, not really but I just want Jake.


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ABOUT: Hi, I'm Kristyn and I blog over at Poppy, my lifestyle, design and fiction blog. I love writing, enjoy practicing yoga and am a proud feminist. Hope you'll stop by!

FAVORITE TV SHOW: The Office. Even though its over, sadly. Every single episode makes me laugh, I'm in love with Jim and Pam, and its just one of those shows that puts you in a good mood.


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ABOUT: Hi! My name is Ashley, and I can generally be found a) writing, b) behind my camera, or c) blogging about a & b. I love diy projects, classic rock, pop-punk, and my bull terrier, Shasta. I also love living on the gorgeous west coast. I try to live a pretty upbeat life these days, and I hope to have my blog reflect that.

FAVORITE TV SHOW: Despite becoming obsessed with various other TV shows over the years, Supernatural remains my all-time favourite. I still rewatch the first four or five season regularly, and look out for filming signs every time I'm in Vancouver!


p.s. this has nothing to do with this post, but I just did the ugly cry watching the episode of the office where michael leaves & i needed to tell someone. what is my life.