a passport photo dump.

-a few staff tees-
ramble ramble.

The first week was a tad overwhelming just because we were doing everything for the first time, but it was a wonderful experience nonetheless. Campers came on Sunday afternoons and left mid-morning on Fridays. For those six days, I was up and ready to go by 7:40 am & didn't think about sleep again until 1am-ish. The days were terribly long, but the weeks flew. 

With a new group of people every week, each round of camp was completely magical in a completely different way. The staff was exhausted by the end of the summer, but the campers really do give you an energy when the sleep (or lack of) can't. I'm actually really surprised with how attached I got to all of my campers, and it consistently became a bittersweet moment parting ways on Friday: not wanting them to leave, but excited that they're feeling excited & empowered to return home and love themselves and others the way that Christ has loved them. 


a view while running + my bible study room

camp jewelry + switching name tags 

what happens when a camper throws an ultimate frisbee through the camp store window + celebrating the fourth of july: midnight style.

before a bbq on a glorious Saturday off.

celebrating birthdays: also midnight style.

different prayer experiences in worship each night. 

the staff went with Team USA for the pep rally-themed dance.

after hours: waffle house eating + pastor cherry coke chugging. 

morning meeting on the stage in preparation for week 6. 

pool time with campers on the last day of camp. 

closing staff dinner.

waiting for a flight home + a welcome sign.

What an amazing summer. I feel so blessed.