coffee dates + packing

i'm taking off my watch to type this, so you know things are serious.

this morning i went to have coffee with my sweet roommate. we met at the mudhouse, a coffee shop situated perfectly between our hometowns. after oohing and ahhing at the freshly baked yummies that were placed strategically under our noses, we grabbed our coffees & croissants and plopped ourselves down at a quaint little table in the back. we chatted and talked and analyzed and whispered and giggled until all updates were given. i feel like i can't say it enough: i love breakfasts that turn into lunches, i love coffeehouses with three varieties of banana bread and a carpet with character & i love a roommate to calm me down when life feels a little over the top. 
i realize that the title of this post also contains packing, and that's because having that word in a title all on its own seems like too much. if you're just joining me over here at this little corner of the internet then you should know that i'm studying abroad & leaving on sunday. if you've been here awhile, then you'll know that i haven't really shared much other than that. 
 you guessed it friends, i've felt a tad overwhelmed recently! there's so many documents and preparations and phone calls to make and emails to write and plans to plan and should i take this shirt or that shirt and what about these shoes and wait my little brother just started high school and how could you not forget to breathe? i feel like it was kind of inevitable with my just one thing at a time personality. and the mere thought of even writing a packing post stressed me out. hence the packing(ish) post combined with pretty pictures & my favorites listed above.
and being a blogger/pinner i've obviously had quite a while to read about preparing a "perfect" suitcase--because let's be honest, i have no idea what i'm doing. so, after taking full advantage of my pinterest account and/or internet capabilities for the last eight months and carefully considering all advice & how-to's articles, i have reached my conclusion. its all shit. there is no "perfect" way to pack a suitcase. sure there are wrong ways, but no *one* right way. i'm bound to forget something regardless of how hard i try (honesty hour, people), but guess what?? there are stores in england so... boom.
here's to me calming down and not thinking so dang much. here's to my oldest brother moving into his freshman dorm room tomorrow morning, here's to the coffee dates & roommates, here's to my last few days at home. happy thursday.