enjoy your weekend.

After having migraines left & right the past few days, and then waking up this morning and feeling like a relatively normal person, I have to say that I'm am so excited for today and this weekend. Just to do normal things. And not feel all unsocial and turn that light off right now please and thank you. I'm planning on taking my brothers out for hot chocolate (which might almost be considered appropriate with the most recent weather changes?), taking a little trip to cville to listen to live music, and painting my nails a delicious red.

::other rambles::
//I got photoshop. Hence my messy hand writing on the above photo. So yeah. We shall see. I feel like I need a crash course or something.
// I'm attempting to pack for my semester abroad. Key word *attempting*. Hello my name is Lauren and I am currently brainstorming how to take 13 pairs of shoes to England with me. Yep. 13. But more on that later.
//Can I just say that August is supposed to be hot and sticky, not a crisp 65 degrees? I'll be excited for Autumn eventually I guess, but.... Summer. I'm not ready to let go.
//The new Civil Wars album. Oh. my. gosh. I just love it, especially this song. What do you think?
//We're moving Christian into his Freshman dorm room in a week and its weird.

that's all.