excursions p.1

remember how i said i'm trying to do any & everything before i leave? 

well. beach? check.

later last week suzi & i got up early and made our way to virginia beach for two days. its not very often that she and i get to be together for long periods of time without being pulled in separate directions across the state. there's always school, work... ya know, life. most interactions with that girl consist of phone interview type conversations; and how was that? and what ever happened with this? and tell me how you're feeling about that one thing. that thursday morning as i hopped in her car we both came across that same realization that brings along an eye roll, half laugh & an almost nauseous feeling: this two day road trip was so terribly needed. 
that first day we arrived hours before our hotel check-in. we were very okay with that however, and spent the entire afternoon in the sand. we hadn't even checked the weather beforehand but it was lovely. warm sand, cold ocean water & a perfect amount of clouds in the sky.
i find myself constantly thanking my lucky stars for being apart of a friendship in which the two parties are able to sit down to dinner in a all encompassing daze- that blank stare that advertises just how physically and mentally exhausted you are- and is completely content. yes ladies & gentlemen, suzi and i had a lovely seafood dinner on the water that night. we talked some, and we didn't talk some.
 she wore polkadots, i wore stripes (ahem, we swapped obsessions for the evening).

excursions p.2 coming soon.