excursions p.2: richmond with the girls

happy monday! i officially have less than a week before i leave to study abroad. *queue slight panic attack/ jumping up and down.* so when i haven't been doing things like packing, sitting on the phone with my bank, or emailing strangers about this pass or that i.d., i've been trying to take advantage of all the little moments. if you missed part 1, i went to the beach!

^^^the sweetest journals in anthropologie. i'm using the teal one when i travel.^^^
my grandmother, mom and i made a spur of the moment decision to go on a little overnight shopping trip to richmond. it was so wonderful having time away from all the boys to do & talk about all the girly things that they don't care about. ;)
^^^i spent the majority of the car ride there reading about my future home & familiarizing myself with some of the useful little tips for packing my life in one teensy little suitcase. || panera also happened. and a surprising amount of times for a two-day trip, i might add. hey, you gotta fight the its 3:00 in the afternoon, a.k.a. my naptime itch somehow.^^^
^^^another picture of panera in action. except this time with a friend! i had the opportunity to grab lunch with a sweet girl that i met in north carolina this summer. after working with & seeing her everyday for over two months, it was nice to catch up after being apart for a few weeks. and for the record, i just love long lunches. and with sweet friends, they're the absolute best. || documenting our damage. let me just say: the deals were insane. i was needing a few things for abroad, and the three of us were all needing a little retail therapy. this time of the year is perfect for shopping! deals on summer items, fresh pick of autumn items. love.^^^

so now that the big, so-called 'excursions' are over & i have 6 days left at home, its crunch time. bring on the packing posts!! p.s. sara, my roommate who's also studying abroad (in edinburgh this semester!), and I are currently talking about having a last hurrah in america before we both leave. oh em jeezy.