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hello from bath!

^^^waiting to board^^^
^^^thumbs up after landing!^^^

After a hectic few days full of traveling, adjusting (almost) to different time zones & sitting through the beginnings of orientation week, I can safely say that I've officially arrived in England! Today I purchased a pay as you go phone for communication within the uk, received my 18(ohmygosh) novels for my three classes & got more information about my internship. I'm completely exhausted and excited and *insert practically any emotion here,* so bare with me as I ramble for probably the next few posts. 

This all seems so surreal- just being here after such a long time of applying and preparing. I've noticed that the city is very youthful and lively during the day with live music and street vendors around every corner, but then its wonderfully quiet in the early and later hours. My flat is on the fifth floor (HA) of a building in an apparently "rather posh" part of town at the top of a hill, and its about a 10-15 minute walk from Nelson House, my study centre. The flat is pretty small, but really cozy and well furnished. My only complaint is the lack of any air flow, haha. There are no fans, the windows barely open, and air conditioning is nonexistent. So there's that. I'm told it won't be like that for long though, as the weather here is normally pretty dreary. But I got to wear shorts and sunglasses today so yay for that!

I'm actually really surprised with how well I've managed to get myself around the city thus far.. There's obviously still SO much I haven't seen, but I feel like every time I step out of my front door I learn a new route or short cut. Or just something new in general. And I think I can get used to that. :)