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week one rambles

^^^tea & biscuits in between opening lectures

Even though the program staff has thrown a lot at us (and still are) this week, its gotten me really, really excited for the semester. I'm going to be so super busy. What once seemed like four months of being away from home now seems like a short 15 weeks crammed with exciting classes, an internship that holds a lot of potential, multiple things to do around the city and hopefully a lot of travel. I'm actually feeling a tad overwhelmed and am wondering how I'll be able to fit it all in with the time I'm given here!
^^^our 'starter' food & the view from the kitchen window

I've already mentioned that my flat is quite lovely, but its a bit cramped. My work space for homework, FaceTime, etc. also acts as a dining room table during meals & a charging station for all my techie things (I feel like there's like two outlets here). The table was also acting as a bookcase for all of my novels for class but with some serious rearranging skills, they now have a new home on our one mini bookshelf- yippee! Its the little wins, guys. Oh and update on the air flow- its all good. The city is already cooling down and we found a mini fan! Score. Most recent problem: leaking toilet. Don't worry, I'll keep you updated.
^^^first meal in bath: salad and beer. haha
^^^going grocery shopping & making our first dinner as roomies!

So I've been asked multiple times about drinking here- yes I've gotten alcohol, and yes it was weird ordering a drink with dinner and not getting carded! All of us went to a bar called The Huntsman on the second night with the student helpers (aka British students that take us out in an informal setting and introduce us to all their friends). Its been a lot of fun! I've found that the idea of 'drinking' in the states is completely different than it is in the UK. Pubs here are really just a social setting and you can totally not get a drink and it not be weird. So I might be doing that sometimes. Things are obviously a bit more expensive here, and I'd hate to come back after almost four months to realize that I've spent all my money on alcohol! Its like I want to experience everything (there are SO many tours that I want to go on, cafes I want to try, cute stores I want to go in...) but also not blow all money on tea or something when it could be a plane ticket. Cause I've been doing some researching... apparently I can get a ticket to Prague or Venice from here for like 20 pounds? I. Can't. Even. It makes me wonder if Europeans come to America and get excited over the distance between states.