a study trip & a rubgy match.

good morning blogosphere! things are busy, busy, busy this week. i have books to read, papers to write, yadda yadda yadda. but this past weekend! it was super fun.

on friday my shakespeare class took a study trip to london. i woke up to a beautiful sunrise, traveled by coach with the rest of my classmates and got into the city about mid morning. we were welcomed by a tour guide at the globe theatre who spent the next hour or so showing us around. we were able to see the theatre's exhibit & grab a bite to eat before a 2:00 showing of macbeth! it was such a treat. i've never been huge into shakespeare, but as an english major i feel its kind of inevitable to not at least appreciate his work. oh and a plus: about two acts in, i realized that billy boyd was an actor in the show! (for any of you LOTR fans, that's pippin!) eee, it was so cool. 

^^^inside the exhibit.
^^^pippin is down in the center!

saturday was pretty special as well- i went to my first ever rugby match! the program met early afternoon in front of the huntsman, a popular pub downtown, where we collected our tickets. we walked together down past the river (a beautiful place, agh) right to where the match was held. i stood next to one of the program's student helpers on my left, and a middle aged man named richard on my right. he spent a good chunk of time explaining the game to me. god bless richard. but turns out i really like rugby! its like american football except times ten.

^^^paige, tilly & myself. 
^^^the 'lift' as its apparently called. my favorite part, hehe. 
p.s. we (as in bath rugby, so yes, we) played london irish and won! yay. 
^^^my rugby ticket | and oh yeah, i made blueberry muffins for my internship's birthday today! 

::couple things::
1. blueberry muffin box mix is way better here than in the states.
2. there is no blueberry and/or muffin emoji. like what's the deal.
3. speaking of birthdays, its suzi's 21st today! love that girl

have a wonderful week! xo