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Cardiff Wales | The Bay Part

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Good morning, happy almost Friday! Today I wanted to share the last few pictures from my day trip to Cardiff with my buddies, Taylor and Morgan. I apologize for this being a painfully slow process-- the transition back from Oxford to Bath has been just that: a serious transition. I'm just now coming up on the end of week four of classes and life is go, go, go! I'm hoping things will slow down soon (but seriously, whoamikidding). So without further adieu-- photos from Cardiff Bay!

 ^^^the cutest traveling pair on the way to the bay (ha).
 ^^^checkin' out the wata. isn't morgan's bag adorable? i only told her 17 times..
 ^^^restaurant boats. the coolest.
^^^those clouds, man. 
 ^string lights around the border of the bay.
^^^the view. 

We spent a good few hours taking in this area. It was so beautiful- pictures can't do it justice. We sat by the water, walked through the shops & purchased a few goodies to take back home with us. Why yes, goodies do include a dozen homemade welsh cakes, thanks for asking.