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Cardiff Wales | The Castle Part

After the first week of classes, Taylor, Morgan and I made the last minute decision to head to Cardiff for the day! We were getting a traveling itch and figured that going before the school workload got intense would be best. We are lucky enough to not have classes at the end of the week, so the three of us hopped on a train early Friday morning. It was rainy starting off, but it made the travel time perfectly cozy so we didn't mind. 

^^^loved all of the different building styles!
^^^fresh foods in the market.
^^^welsh cakes. arguably one of the best things to happen to us that day. we brought them home. 
^^^part of cardiff castle.
^^^we decided to have a little picnic outside. :)
^^^just gorgeous.
^^^super steep stairs! took us a good little bit to get down.. 
^^^but the view was so worth it!
^^^my cute travel buddies. 

thoughts. all in all, great first stop of the day. the weather was lovely, the castle was BEAUTIFUL. the inside was just spectacular. however, next goal: find castles that are less touristy and more ruiny. 

as for the rest of the day trip...coming soon!