Day Trip 01 | Stonehenge, Salisbury & Lacock

This past weekend, the ASE staff decided to take all the students on a day trip to a couple areas near Bath. We were pretty much on our feet all day long, walking around oohing and ahhing when appropriate-- so basically all the time. These little places had so much to offer. 

Visiting Stonehenge was first on the agenda. Even a couple days later, I'm still trying to process the fact that I've actually seen the thing. It was unreal! I mean I can remember it now: the days before I began my love affair with Apple, (violently) shaking the mouse to wake up my lovely Dell computer, and being greeted with an infamous landscape photo of Stonehenge. And then there I was, Sunday morning, seeing the big stones in real life. 

 ^^^part of the group. :)
^^^fellow mary washington student/ travel buddy!
^^^in all their glory. (I hadn't realized how tall they were!! Really was truly remarkable.)

After spending about an hour next to the giant stones with the prettiest weather we could've asked for, we hopped back on the bus and headed for Salisbury, home to the prettiest town you'd ever happen upon. We had the pleasure of meandering through the Salisbury Cathedral, equipped with commentary provided by different members of the ASE staff. I tell you what- they are all infinite mounds of knowledge. Its like having my own personal tour guide everywhere I go. 

After seeing both the cathedral AND one of the four still remaining copies of the Magna Carta (ahem, no big deal- it wasn't completely gorgeous or anything), the group split off to explore a little bit of the town. We were starving, and ended up sitting at a little cafe called the Boston Tea Party for tea and croissants. :)

^^^try to ignore the camera lens cap in my front pocket. haha oops.
^^^coffee drinking & people watching outside of a cafe might be one of my favorite things to do.

Lacock was our last stop before heading back home. I wasn't really sure what to expect- I hadn't really heard much about it like you hear about places like London or Manchester, but it ended up being one of my favorite parts of the day. I've had a lot of those recently- favorites, I mean. Lacock is one of the only picturesque, medieval towns left in England, and has therefore become really a popular location for filmmakers. We went to the Abbey there and I even recognized pieces of architecture from the Harry Potter movies! Exciting stuff, guys.


Have a wonderful Thursday-