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One of 5

oh, how i love it here.

Oh, how I love it here. I've been in Bath for about a week now and with each day that passes, my approach with living in this city changes ever so slightly-

a little non-touristy tourist who carries a journal and camera with her everywhere, slows her pace for the street act she's already seen & gets lost on purpose to break the monotony of her two memorized routes from point A to point B.
^^^one of my favorite areas.

^^^tea drinking & syllabus reading & city strolling.

^^^the flowers. they're everywhere.

^^^heard live music while walking by myself back to my flat- ended up stumbling onto a little hot air balloon-filled concert in front of the Royal Crescent.

^^^having to climb up that hill? not so fun.

^^^but the view was totally worth it. 

Classes start for me today- wish me luck! Hope everyone has a fantastic start to the week!