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the littles

Went to bed fairly early last night because I was feeling a little under the weather, and woke up this morning feeling worse. I had this extravagant plan to get up early, read and have breakfast, go to the gym, go to class, go do this, go do Wake up. Read Fall asleep on the couch. Sit in a zombie-like state through a two hour long Shakespeare class. Work a little(ish) on homework. So yeah, less than ideal.
But through all the sick feelings I'm reminded of the sweet littles that make everything okay: my recent Saturday market purchases- red grapefruit marmalade, organic sprouts, homemade grain bread and flowers of the happiest color. Free cups of coffee and new study spots. The elderly couple that walked me to the grocery store when I was completely turned around. Perfect cobblestone pavements that welcome evening walks. Pairing my sub-par cooking skills with irregularly shaped pans and a slanted oven. My roommate who takes care of palm-sized spiders with our Brazil-esque vacuum. The fact that I like the homework that stresses me out. Yes. These things help.