slipping out

Oh how I have missed you One of Five. You may be thinking what, you literally just posted two days ago. Yes I realise that- but I'm referring to more of the long term blogging that I used to . Since coming abroad, I feel like I've scaled back to a travel blogger, posting only when I have pictures to share from an exciting adventure. Not that its a bad way to blog by any means, but heck, I'm abroad-- every single day should be and is an adventure! And I miss posting about my everyday. The daily rambles, the on my mind posts, all of it.

Sure I've had some excuse for being a little quieter around here (ahem, essays out to wazoo and walking. good grief, the walking everywhere takes forever. can you tell i'm from a small town?) and no, I'm not saying that I'm planning on spending all free moments from here on out in front of the computer screen. But I am going to make the effort to post a little more frequently. Trip or no trip. I want to record the littles, too. And frankly, blogging keeps me sane. 
For instance, this past weekend I had to read. Not just any light reading, but serious, heavy duty research on Shakespeare yadda yadda for a paper due today actually, yadda yadda. My flat, as adorable as it is, immediately loses the cuteness factor when its four inhabitants need to sprawl out and work. Just a simple fact. My program's library, consisting of 14 desks crammed into an unairconditioned room for its 40 students is also, believe it or not, less than ideal. The local grocery store (ha, I'm actually serious) is good for a daily free coffee and cafe space, but its normally packed. And we're talking screaming babies packed. And the library next door is just eerily quiet and I feel like people can sense that I'm American or something. Not that its a bad thing, but I then catch myself thinking about my Americanness and the fact that its eerily quiet and not my Shakespeare readings yadda yadda.

Writing it down makes me seem like I'm terribly picky but I promise I'm not. Is it really too much to ask for a cleanish study spot without sweating, elbowing my peers or paying a million dollars for a cup of luke warm coffee? Up until this weekend, I believed it was. HOWEVER, after six weeks of searching, I have found my spot ladies and gentlemen. I repeat, I have found my spot.

This spot, full of natural light, waxy candle stick wine bottles, a leather couch that smells like leather (that's important, you know), beautiful french press coffee and a cute old man that gave me full rein of the upstairs in its entirety, this spot, perfect for slipping out of the rush and into my little bubble of thought, shall remain nameless. I want it to stay mine for the time being, I hope you'll understand. :) But you guys- monumental. It was monumental.