Beauty Haul: Skincare Regimen

Taking care of my skin will always and forever be a top priority. After years of trying out different products with my combination skin, I've finally found a few brands that I not only love and trust, but that work well together. Sometimes that's half the battle, people! No one likes to have oily skin from being overly moisturized, or dry, flaky skin from harsh scrubs.

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BeautyLauren BrumfieldComment

I so cannot believe that today is the last day of August. Where did summer go...?

I spent this last month slowing down before the busyness of Fall sets in. I woke up extra early to enjoy my mornings before work; I got to visit with family on multiple occasions; I took care of my body by drinking a ton of water, going to bed early, and splurging on a full body massage.

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transitioning after travel

After traveling in any capacity (whether a week-long vacation or a few months of an extended trip), transitioning back to the real world is always a challenge. Emotionally: you're trying to figure out how to fit back into your normal routine, all the while questioning whether or not your normal routine makes you happy and tackling your laundry list of things to take care of. Physically: you're exhausted, jet lagged and digesting weird foods.  I suppose there's no real right or wrong way to deal with the transition, but I've found that the following helps:

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